Content Management Services



Content in digital format is increasingly becoming a key asset in any organization. This content either is in textual format or in form of Multimedia files ( Images , video etc ) or both and is required to be created, migrated, optimized, stored and retrieved or utilized across various mediums, agencies and channel partners such as media and eCommerce.

We at 99yrs work very closely with our clients to build an effective system to manage the entire Content of the organization. To know more (click here)



Production involves creation of images or videos in digitized format. 99yrs is actively involved in conducting photo shoots as follows

  • Fashion accessories such as Watches, Jewelry, Footwear, Ties scrolls and scarf
  • Home accessories such as Kitchen utilities, Home furnishing, Garden and Hobby items.
  • Apparels of Male / Female , Ethnic / Western
  • Home Appliances.
  • Electronics and Gadgets.
  • Food and eatables, perfumes and personal care.

Post Production

We provide project, activity or requirement based consultancy as follows:

A number of activities are carried out under Post production services and are as per the guidelines specified by the client. We undertake Post production work on Production work done by us or what we obtain from the client.

The following sub services are provided by us

  • Retouching
  • Color Correction
  • Clipping Path
  • Ghost / Mannequin
  • Video Editing

Attribution, Key Wording and Copy

Content is the foundation of visitor engagement and content management enables an organization to deliver the right content, to right set of audience at the right time and over the right channel.
Content Management would typically involve Creation as well as Maintenance of the content.
Creation and maintenance of content is a challenge for companies as its :

  • Complex (many formats text, video, images)
  • Resource intensive (needs multiple skills eg. Photography, taxonomy, editorial, SEO, etc)
  • Content impacts both discovery and conversion (plays a dual role)
  • Best ROI and optimization needs continued analytics investments


Textual content along with visual content needs to be compiled together to present information about a product in completeness and in a format that can be uploaded on any technical platform for display (eCommenrce sites inclu marketplaces and captive website) or storage ( DAM systems )


Quality Checks and Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) of any content and especially of e-commerce content, specifically Product Catalogues, is challenging in terms of both, scale and quality. For an average online retailer, the QA cost constitutes nearly 30% of all content cost.
Very high content quality (98-99%) with even brand tone is the need of the time and can only be provided with a proper mixture of manual as well as technical screening.