CMS Production

CMS Production


  1. Fashion accessories such as Watches, Jewelry, Footwear, Ties scrolls and scarf
  2. Home accessories such as Kitchen utilities, Home furnishing, Garden and Hobby items.
  3. Apparels of Male / Female , Ethnic / Western
  4. Home Appliances.
  5. Electronics and Gadgets.
  6. Food and eatables, perfumes and personal care.

Products are shot in various formats depending on the client requirement such as

  1. Still shoot with specified angles such as Front, Back, Side, Perspective, Top, etc.
  2. Catalogue shoot which will involve props and other elements in the shoot typically highlighting the usage of the product.
  3. 360 degree rotational shoot showing the complete movement of a product
  4. Stop motion shoot which will involve usage or story board
  5. 30 sec videos displaying product usage or features.


Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

  1. Jewelry — It is very difficult to move Jewelry around for photography due to high cost and tough to handle due to delicate nature.
  2. Home furnishing – It is very difficult to create multiple sets and ambiance where product utility can be displayed or showcased. E.g Bedsheets displayed in bedroom.
  3. Furniture – Heavy products cannot be moved around easily. Also positioning them in various ambiance is not possible without adding substantial cost related to set creation.

CGI is used to create various product profiles such as

  1. Still angles
  2. 360 degree rotations
  3. Product utilization or demonstration