CMS Introduction

CMS Introduction


  • Be an important player in Content Management Services and aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing an one-stop solution in every area of Content Management.
  • We believe in providing quality of work in shortest possible time, so our customers can focus on doing their business.

99yrs has been instrumental in providing various services in the Content management sphere for over 5 years now. With the view of providing 360 degree workflow to its cliental, 99yrs offers 4 main services with additional support services as per requirements from the client.

99yrs is equipped with trained staff, latest equipment and a proper understanding of various guidelines required in the industry. It has the capacity to handle end to end solution from products to media / channel ready content.

The 4 main services offered are :

1. Production

Product shoot, Model shoot, shooting with mannequin to create ghost images, Computer generated imagery and rendering, stop motion and 360 degree videos are some of the services offered under this key service. To know more about out production services kindly

2. Post Production

Back ground changing, providing clipping path, masking, color correction, image enhancement, video editing, providing effects, compositing are a basket of services provided by 99yrs in the domain of Post Production.

3. Attribution / Key wording, Copy and Content creation.

Attributes define the various characteristics of a product and range from color, shape, weight, material to technical specifications and even usage of product.  More detailed information is presented in form of copy either as short copy of around 50 words or long copy of 200 words or more.

4. Cataloguing

Textual content along with visual content needs to be compiled together to present information about a product in completeness and in a format that can be uploaded on any technical platform for display (eCommenrce sites inclu marketplaces and captive website) or storage ( DAM systems )