CMS Attribution, Key wording and Copy

CMS Attribution, Key wording and Copy

An effective content management process directly contributes to creating a relevant site experience and accelerates the visitor’s journey.
We at 99yrs have deep expertise on managing the content through various phases of its lifecycle.
Our process-driven approach is designed to manage various content types and the process design is strongly driven by clients’ marketing goals and strategies.

List of broad-level services provided in the content management domain:

  • Online content publishing
  • Online Campaign management
  • Content monitoring
  • Content migration

A. Online Content Publishing

1. Product Content Publishing

Incorrect data could lead to wrong information communicated to consumer leading to finally a bad overall onsite experience.
99yrs’s competence in building a compelling product set-up starts with the collection of detailed information from vendors and online sources. The understanding of multiple CMS’s, expertise across categories and robust work flows further ensures high quality information in your product pages. So what you get are Great product pages which help in improving your conversion rate
Steps Involved

  • Vendor co-ordination
  • Data Aggregation
  • Product attributes
  • Product categorization
  • Titles and Features
  • Pricing and shipping info
  • Publishing
2. Editorial Content Publishing

A well-written, crisp, engaging, and sometimes even humorous content places the subject in the spotlight in more ways than one can imagine. While factually precise and reliable information manages to garner customer trust, a neatly presented and quality editorial content directly reflects the image of the website that is selling it.
The objective is to improve a brand’s ability to influence customer behavior. Optimizing SEO related keywords further enhances the marketer’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. Our writing team works in tandem with consumer requirements and dialects, thereby leading to a copy which resonates their perception.
Editorial content covers

  1. Product Page (Titles, Descriptions, Story, Feature / Bullet Points)
  2. Blogs
  3. User reviews/comments
  4. Expert Reviews
  5. Press Releases
  6. Buying Guides

Editorial content is done by encompassing

  • Language guidelines
  • Brand guidelines  and
  • Legal compliances
3. Language content publishing

The success of your presence in international markets is dependent on your ability to connect with customers, in their language. Flourishing in these international markets can be made possible by aligning the product content with the necessary cultural sensitivity and appropriate tone. 99Yrs works in  this domain through competence in translation and localization solution for creating a world of business that is thoroughly global!

4. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content publishing

SEO is the one true form of marketing which showcases exactly what you have got to offer to your targeted custom. SEO traffic is organic and gives long term growth and benefits with a great ROI.
It is considered an investment rather than a cost and one of the most cost effective marketing techniques. In the eCommerce space just building an eCommerce site isn’t enough to drive organic traffic and attract customers. Your site needs to relevant and credible.
Building relevance and credibility in any space isn’t an overnight project. Building relevance depends on factors such as onsite elements, content of the page linking to your portal, standardized content data, etc. Similarly to build credibility you need credible sources linking to your domain and talking about your brand.
Both these activities are VERY content centric and that is why it is said “Content is the king”.
We at 99yrs not only look at search engine optimization just to improves organic traffic to your website but also to drive target audience that improves conversions and provides higher ROI. We can help you with the planning and strategizing required in attaining the traffic and commanding the attention that your site deserves.

B. Online Campaign management

A sound campaign management process allows a business to orchestrate its marketing campaigns across the web, email and mobile services and so engage visitors. It includes creating content, segmenting visitors, push and promote targeted content publishing for specific user profiles and manage campaigns across multiple channels.
An effective campaign implementation involves complex processes like customer segmentation, asset creation, and identification of traffic drivers, tagging assets, publishing of assets & tracking.
99Yrs offers integrated multi-channel campaign management solution which can be customized based on business requirement and platforms used. Dedicated project managers ensure effective coordination with multiple stakeholders and timely launch of all traffic drivers and campaign assets through all channels required.


  • Platform independent campaign management workflow design
  • Multi-channel publishing capabilities
  • Double layered QA procedure to ensure pre & post go-live quality control
  • Dedicated project management support to coordinate with multiple campaign managers, support teams for asset creation & distribution for timely and accurate delivery.
  • Content publishing expertise for creating & publishing campaign assets like landing pages, eDMs, banners, flyers
  • Support tracking code implementation & track overall campaign performance (ROI)

C. Content Monitoring and Audit Services

High scale content production carries an inherent risk of publishing incorrect product details on your website. This can translate into increased customer service costs as well as lost sales. Wrong pricing information can hit your profitability badly, while illegal or offensive contents can attract heavy lawsuits leading to hefty settlements.
99Yrs Content Monitoring Solution ensures that such undesirable consequences are kept at bay and the website customer experience remains impeccable at all times.
99Yrs has a comprehensive quality assurance processes supporting range of pre & post production activities for varied site components leading to increased CE & cost savings by reducing overall effort 4C’s of audit spectrum:

  1. Completeness
  2. Compliances
  3. Correctness
  4. Consistency

Audit Types:

  1. Pricing Audits
  2. Legal and Compliance
  3. Promotions
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Product Information

D. Content Migration

Content migration can often be the hardest part of implementing a new CMS or changing the platform underneath. It involves risks of under or over investing resources leading to poor customer experience and huge cost overruns.

Content migration involves understanding & mapping of content in existing environment, content transformation/transportation strategy & mechanics of actual migration. Organization heading for migration also needs to implement robust risk plan and mitigation steps effectively.

We understand the nuances of migrating data and content between platforms. We also have experience in working in multiple Ecommerce and CMS platforms which gives us a head start in mapping transfer needs. Our unique methodology, robust content migration framework and industry proven best practices allows us to reduce your implementation cost Business continuity is the key, hence, our solutions are aligned towards minimizing downtime during migration, provide effective document management solution as well as extensive training to users on publishing. Our solutions enable you to retain all of your existing content, refresh your content partially or revamp the content completely based on migration strategy.